30 Weeks Pregnant = Feeling Like A Giant Moose!

I am thirty weeks pregnant and am happy to report that I am not freaking out! This week I’ve only deep cleaned my whole house, organized Mark’s tool box, and oh yeah… chopped my hair off.  I’m fine. Really I am.

I’m not panicking that in ten short weeks, after a slight trauma called labor, I’ll be holding a sweet baby boy in my arms. I keep trying to tell myself that I ’m not nesting, but when Mark pointed out that I have containerized and labeled all of the food in the pantry, I had to tell myself how ridiculous I was being.

This is me feeling like a giant moose! This beach ball is here to help you picture how big I feel. Lately I’ve had a lot of thoughts about beached whales and hippos. I am pretty sure that is what I look like trying to get off of the couch.

Did you notice my hair is shorter? The other day I got so hot that I literally got in my car and drove to a walk-in hair stylist. I leaned my head back in the chair and told her to “CHOP IT OFF!” She tried to talk some sense into me by telling me that what I wanted was really short. Sadly I didn’t listen very well, and nearly grabbed the scissors myself. Let’s just hope the weather cools off so I don’t end up with a buzz cut next week.




p.s. Read about the contraction that tried to kill me (Owen’s birth story) here.

8 thoughts on “30 Weeks Pregnant = Feeling Like A Giant Moose!

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