The Season

Now that I’ve chopped my hair off the weather is finally cooling down. I am so thankful, because I really didn’t want to end up with a Mohawk by the end of summer. I think Mark is thankful too. He probably would like to have a wife with some hair on her head.

Mark and I have been anticipating autumn’s arrival. It is our favorite season. We love the need for sweaters and hot apple cider.When the chill of winter is on the horizon, we want to step into God’s beautiful creation and drink in the colors of fall. We love this season because we can take walks together, or sit outside on our swing.

We can’t help it. We love watching leaves float through the air as the wind chases itself around. We love watching the trees sway with new color as the crisp air weaves itself through the landscape. It is as if God has hand painted each tree with new splashes of red, orange, and yellow.

We love fall because we will soon be welcoming the holiday season. Dishes filled with elaborate food will soon be on the table as we remember to give thanks for the year’s blessings. And very soon presents will overflow from under the Christmas tree, as we celebrate the birth of the one who came to save the world from its sins.

As we kiss the summer’s heat goodbye, I can’t help but smile because the breeze of autumn is finally blowing in.

This is us when we noticed the weather was cooling off.

Mark made wonderful Chai Tea Lattes to help celebrate.

My sweet men ready for Fall.


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