Sister Date

After spending much of our childhood socializing with one another, it is a wonder my sister still wants to hang out with me. I used to drag my poor baby sister on wild adventures all over the place. My imagination was vivid as a kid, and I loved to pretend everything.

One time I told Dani we were going on an exploration. Part of our journey was getting over our six-foot brick fence. As the younger sibling she willingly complied. Let’s just say, she ended up with two scraped knees and bloody elbows.

Another time, I made us stand out in my grandmother’s back yard for hours and not move. My very concerned Grandma called my mom and told her that we were playing “concentration camp.” My mom tried to explain that we had just read The Diary of Anne Frank and other stories about Corrie Ten Boom, but she remained worried about her delinquent granddaughters.

After all of the trauma I put her through, Dani agreed to come over to my house the other day. I greatly anticipated meeting with her because it isn’t every day that you get to have a “sister date.”

Instead of torturing her, as I unintentionally did as a child, I let her come and relax on my couch. After a fun conversation, I popped in a Beth Moore DVD and we opened our Bibles.

I seized my pen and scribbled notes as fast as I could. I wanted to scream about how amazing Beth Moore’s point was, but I didn’t want my sister to fall off of the couch in shock. Like I said, I don’t get to have sister date’s all the time, so I should probably behave while having one.

As we watched the video and talked, we sipped on some coffee, and snacked on some warm brownies. It was such a fun time!


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