A Tragedy Turned Into Triumph

On October 2, 2008 I lost my first baby. I remember my cheeks were hot with tears, as I felt the sting of sudden loss. As the mysterious world of pregnancy slipped from my grasp, I waded through various emotions. I was sad because I wouldn’t be afforded nine months to carry life. I was angry that wouldn’t be able to hold onto the delicate life that had been placed in my womb. Pinpricked by the reality of death, I faced tragedy.

What I didn’t know on October 2nd was that Jesus had victory waiting for me around the corner. What I would find out was, Jesus is good at turning tragedy into triumph. He was the one who could lift my head that was heavily tilted toward despair. He was the one who could take the sadness that clung to me like cobwebs and turn it into joy. He was the only one who could triumph.

What helped me while facing tragedy was to know who God is. God is a rescuer. In Exodus 1-3 there is a group of people who were stuck. Their lives were bound with chains. Slavery had overtaken them. Like many of us today the people were oppressed and carrying heavy burdens. The people were afflicted. But bigger than their very real problems was a God who loves to rescue.

This God that loves to rescue is one who hears. The same God that heard the people’s cries for help is the same God who will hear your cry for help today (Exod. 2:23-25; 3:7).

This God that loves to rescue is one who sees. God saw the oppression of His people and did not stand idly by. That same God sees your hurt. This God that loves to rescue is a hearer, and a seer, but also one who knows. At the end of Exodus 3:7 it says, “I know their sufferings.” Jesus knew the suffering of His people, and He knows what is making the tears flow for you. He knows what is causing you pain. He knows your suffering.

This rescuing God hears. He sees. He knows. This God came to deliver His people (Exod. 3:8) and to bring them out of their affliction (Exod. 3:17). This God is Jesus. And “Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever” (Heb. 13:8). Jesus can deliver you and is strong enough to bring you out of your affliction.

Just because God knows about our pain and can rescue us doesn’t mean that our pain isn’t real. We can cry. The people in Exodus cried and even groaned, but they did it before the Lord. Their hope was in the only one who could deliver them. In the midst of tragedy it is important to know what to do.

In the middle of tragedy cry out to God. In Exodus 3:23-25 the people cried and groaned before God and He heard them. Jeremiah 29:12 tells us to call upon God, to come to Him, and to pray to HIm. He will hear us.

Don’t just cry out but seek the Lord with all of our hearts. Not just the pieces that are together. Not with just the pieces that are presentable. Bring Him your whole heart. Even if it crushed, broken, tattered, or bruised. Bring the whole thing even if it is burning with a desire to sin.Bring your whole heart even if it is confused. 2 Chronicles 16:9 says that the eyes of the Lord are looking for a whole heart devoted to God. We don’t have to get our heart right before we bring it to God. Bring it no matter what condition it is in. Watch God take that heart and rescue it, restore it, and renew it. He can and will give you a new heart, a healed heart, and a whole heart.


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