Mind-Bending Information

Self consciously I cleared my throat while trying not to choke. I had to suppress a giant roll of laughter that threatened to explode out of my mouth. I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming, but it was true. He said what I had just heard. He had made “that” comment about my pregnant belly.

Now as a woman who is thirty-three weeks pregnant, I am getting used to people staring and my rounding belly or snickering when I walk by, but this time around the comments are almost too much for me. I could fall asleep laughing every night with some of the things I’ve heard. Just this Sunday I was called the Ying and the Yang/ skinny-fat! SKINNY-FAT??? On monday I was refered to as a basketball with chop stick legs. Thankfully I stayed home on Tuesday, or I might have needed to get counseling.

Funny comments and questions have been a trend this pregnancy. A few weeks ago a teacher that Mark works with asked me if pregnancy really affected my center of gravity. After a split second of hesitation a smile zipped across my face as I giggled a loud “yes!” Yes, this stomach affects my center of gravity.

Questions have not only come from older adults but from kids as well. One of my favorite pregnancy encounters took place with a three-year old boy. He was sitting on my couch wide-eyed when the words popped out, “Miss Ashley Bako… why is your stomach like that?” Don’t you love the honesty and innocence of kids? I turned to him with a goofy grin on my face and explained that there was a little baby in there who would one day be able to play with him. He looked up, and in all seriousness politely asked, “May I please open it?” He was referring to opening my stomach. He really wanted to play with the baby. Sadly, I had to tell him “no” and that we’d have to wait until November.

With all of these mind-bending comments and questions, I have enjoyed much laughter. Pregnancy keeps me entertained!

This is a picture of me last week. Most of these comments were made at 32 weeks!

5 thoughts on “Mind-Bending Information

  1. Very hilarious!! I love the basketball with chop stick legs!! Too funny!! At least they aren’t saying that you look like a basketball with pork chop legs. That would just be depressing…haha

  2. Okay…so I am sitting in Starbucks right now and your blog made me laugh really loud and I think people thought I was crazy! I couldn’t help it – skinny fat?!!! Basketball with chop stick legs?!! That is too funny. I love you! Thanks for giving me my daily belly laugh!

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