A Spoonful Of Insight

Obedience is not popular in our culture. I could go out today and find many people teaching that we should be assertive, but would struggle to find a class that is teaching submission.

Author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Trip says, “Obedience is the willing submission of one person to the authority of another” (160). If this is the case how do we know if our child is willingly submitting to our God-given authority?

Tedd Tripp puts it simply, “It means doing what he is told,- without challenge, without excuse, or without delay” (pg. 160). This means that the child will have to do things that he does not want to do. An example of this might come when you tell your child it is bedtime. The only correct response is for your child to get up and go to bed, not to question why he has to go to be so early or to tell you that he will go when he is finished with his puzzle, or to ignore your instruction completely (161). If you accept any of these responses “you are training your child to disobey” (161).

If you want your child to enjoy a long life, they must learn to honor and obey you.

I remember Tedd Tripp’s main point as the 3 “D’s.”

Obedience without Delay, Discussion, or Disgust


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