Family Night

Idea #1   Enjoy a new dessert together.

I once heard that every good family night should end with a fun snack. Why not try a new recipe together? Or simply make some chocolate chip cookies together.

I have found that it is really fun to allow everyone in the family to participate in some way. Vicki Lansky, author of Feed Me I’m Yours, suggests that you “give your child a chance to do some creative ‘messing around!'”  This means the cupcake’s frosting wont look perfect, and the counters may get a little messy, but it is fun to watch the kids try.

Need a Dessert Idea?

Why not try cupcakes? I recently saw a friend decorate her cupcakes to look like little pumpkins. This is a very simple and easy family night dessert.

What you’ll need:

  1. Your favorite cupcake mix
  2. Orange frosting
  3. Orange sprinkles
  4. Green licorice or a pretzel stick (this will be the stem of the pumpkin)

Once you’ve made your favorite kind of cupcakes, apply the orange frosting to the top. Next add the orange sprinkles.  You can then place a small piece of licorice or a pretzel stick in the top to look like the stem. It’s that easy.

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