A Spoonful Of Insight

Recently I almost had a swift breakdown after going to one of my prenatal doctor’s appointment without my mom’s help. Elias was very well-behaved during our two-hour visit, but we quickly ran out of things to do in the waiting room. Having more books, and toys would have helped us pass the time.

My idea for this week is to create an activity bag for when you have to travel outside of your home.

First: Find a bag. A small backpack makes a great activity bag, but any kind of bag that your child can carry will work.

Second: Fill your activity bag with thing your child likes. This could include: books, stuffed animals, coloring book with crayons, pipe cleaners, cars, dolls, etc… Sheila Nelson, author of 365 Games Smart Toddlers Play  suggests that you use “quiet, non-messy toys” (221).

Third: Pack a snack. I don’t know if your kids love snacks, but mine do. A little treat usually keeps him occupied for five to ten minutes. Don’t forget a drink as well.

Finally, enjoy a fun outing with your toddler!

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