A Spoonful Of Insight: Rotating Toys

I love for everything to have a home. So when a tornado of toys took over my living room, I nearly slipped into a coma. Thankfully my poor husband didn’t have to find an unconscious wife on the living room floor, because I finally found a way to deal with all of Elias’ toys.

No, I did not throw them all away, even though that was slightly tempting. Instead I decided to go with what I call the “Up, Up, and Away” system.

Basically how it works is, you buy two or three storage bins (or however many you need) and begin a rotation system with your child’s toys.

I started by purchasing three different toy boxes. One stays in Elias’ room, one stays in the living room, and one is for storage. The plan is to keep the toys rotating. This keeps many toys, games, etc… out of the Elias’ mind and off of my living room floor. At the same time Elias has a toy box that will keep him entertained but is still easy to clean up.

Mrs. Duggar, author of The Duggars:20 and Counting! , uses this system and says in her book that “when we bring it out again (stored toys), it’s like receiving a new gift at Christmastime; they are so excited about playing with it again” (165).

I have loved this easy to do system.


5 thoughts on “A Spoonful Of Insight: Rotating Toys

  1. I second this system. We put the trains away because the smallest had lost interest in using them appropriately. We brought them back out a couple of months later, and it’s like he has never seen them before!

  2. My mom does that with her daycare toys. She rotates most of them, because then it’s like having all new toys! She does have a few classics that stay out almost continually, but most rotate. Plus, she has so many, there would be no way to bring them ALL out and have any floor space left to play! lol

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