A Spoonful Of Insight: Gospel Centered Parenting

The goal of our parenting cannot be to merely have well-behaved kids. If this is the only result we are after then we will miss the power of the Gospel. Author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Tedd Tripp said, “The central focus of parenting is the Gospel” (15).

Parenting gives us the unique platform to show our children not only how to behave, but why they should behave that way. We can show them the attitudes of their hearts. We can show them their external “sin” but also the internal why of their sin (15).

The reason the Gospel is so attractive in parenting is because each child will have “to come face-to-face with the poverty of his own spirit and his need of the transforming power of the Gospel” (16). Jesus has the power of salvation for our children. He has what is suitable for their need.  When we share the Gospel with our kids we are “sharing the goodness of knowing God” (17).

As you are going through your hectic days with your kids, remember what a gift your children are and what a platform you have in their life. You can show them their need for Jesus, and He can satisfy the deepest need for salvation. Remember the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be the central focus of our parenting.


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