Our Thanksgiving Tradition

I love Thanksgiving Day because it is a great reminder of the lifestyle that Christ has called us to. We aren’t just supposed to be thankful once a year, rather we are to live lives that continually give thanks. Thanksgiving is a lifestyle. We are thankful to a person: God. Why? Because He is the one who has delivered us from sin and bondage and made a way for us to have life.

While I am challenged with daily giving thanks to God, I do love holidays because we get to celebrate what God has done. At our house we have a Thanksgiving tradition. Yes, we stuff the turkey, bake the pumpkin pie, and prepare different foods like everyone else, but we also take time to actually write down what we are thankful for.

This is our Thanksgiving box. I received it at a bridal shower and was introduced to the tradition right before we got married.  Each person in the family gets a 3×5 card and writes the year, age, and name on the front. On the back we list what we are thankful for this year. The more specific we are the more fun it is to read later.

This was Elias’ first thanksgiving card from last year. We had him trace his hand on the card while it is still small enough to fit. Since he couldn’t talk yet, Mark and I listed the things we knew he liked and was thankful for. Some were silly like: I am thankful for tags, taking walks, waving, mommy, daddy,standing, etc… He is so different this year, which makes reading the old ones fun.

We have been doing this since the year we got married. It is so fun to look back over the years and see the things that God has done.

2 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving Tradition

  1. Thanks for the remembering! I love this Thanksgiving Day. Lovely to find your blog and great description about the tradition……. Good Bless You dear

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