November Favorites

This past month has been amazing! I loved meeting my second son, Owen as well as my first nephew David Thomas. I shared a wonderful thanksgiving with family. And I watched a dear college friend walk down the aisle and say “I Do.” I have so much to be thankful for.

November Favorites: 1. Hot Chocolate Date. 2. Dear Diary…I think I’ve lost my mind. 3. Fun Stuff Fridays. 4. Twin Cousins. 5. A Spoonful Of Insight: Rotating Toys 6 November Sweet Treats. 7. Fun Stuff Fridays. 8. A Spoonful Of Insight: Turkey Pop Treats 9. Family Night Ideas 10. Fun Stuff Fridays. 11. Gospel Centered Parenting. 12. A Lifetime Supply Of Toothpaste: My Need To Consolidate. 13. Fun Stuff Fridays (Thanksgiving Edition). 14. Sacred Parenting: Book Review. 15. Homemade Christmas Cards. 16. Reminiscing/ Prayer Date. 17. Meet My New Nephew. 18. Owen Is Here. 19. I Love Family. 20. It Is Well With My Soul. 21. My Baby Shower. 22. Owen’s First Sunday. 23. Our Thanksgiving Tradition.

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