December Sweet Treats

Today I want to share a few fun Christmas craft/snack ideas.

December Sweet Treats:

  • Rice Krispies Christmas Ornaments: Cook the original Rice Krispies Treats. Shape into balls. Add sprinkles while still warm and then add a piece of Rolo candy to the top.

(photo source)

  • Homemade Bread Wreath: First, bake bread in a circle. Second, press Christmas colored jellybeans (or your favorite candy) into the bread as decoration. Third, add a red ribbon bow for the finishing touch (112).
  • Pancake Wreath: Shape your pancakes into a wreath and serve with a strawberry syrup (112).
  • Cookie Greeting Cards: First, bake your favorite type of homemade cookies. Second, turn your cookie into a greeting card by writing small messages with tubed icing (112).

(The last three recipes were taken/adapted from Vicki Lansky’s book Feed Me I’m Yours page 112.)

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