Owen Is One Month Old

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met a curious parent in the checkout line at Wal-Mart. Without fail she asks me how old my boys are. When I tell her, she begins to reminisce and tell me about her son who is now a teenager. The conversation always ends with the comment, “Ahh…(sigh)… They grow up too fast.”

I have totally become that parent.

Owen is one month old today, and I could cry because he really is growing up too fast. I would like to blame my crazy emotions on being sleep deprived, but Owen slept a seven hour stretch last night. So instead of getting all sentimental and letting the tears bubble over, I’ve decided to reason with Owen. Last night I asked him if he would be my newborn forever. He didn’t answer. I’m assuming he meant “yes” by his silence.

4 thoughts on “Owen Is One Month Old

  1. PRECIOUS!!! You bring me to tears!!! It’s so true….AHHHH where does the time go! I love you and I love the MOM you are!! Thank you for being such an example to me!

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