If Only I Had Sherlock Holmes’ Mind…

I just saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie on its opening night.  Whenever I see movies like that I always wish I was smarter. I wish I could observe things like Sherlock and solve all kinds of crazy problems. The trouble is I don’t even know whether to push or to pull when I come up to a door. Sherlock would never have that problem. He would know what the door was made of, where it came from, who had touched it in the last hour. I unlike Sherlock am clueless. Inevitably when I am at Target, I always try to go into the store through the exit, because I don’t stop long enough to read the door signs. And let’s not even talk about if there is a revolving door. Who invented those anyway? My question is why force people to walk in a giant circle when you could walk straight to your destination? People become like little hamsters running around and around in circles. Sherlock would never go through a revolving door. I’m sure of it.

If you had Sherlock’s intellect what would it help you do better?


3 thoughts on “If Only I Had Sherlock Holmes’ Mind…

  1. I would always know where my cell phone and keys are! I am notorious for leaving them everywhere! I would know exactly what is in every recipe so I could quickly whip up dinner instead of digging through cook books or searching allrecipes.com :} I would have read all the good books and keep a running list of credible authors. And I would not snag my sweater on my kitchen table, which I have already done three times this morning!

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