December Favorites

Christmas was so fun this year. Elias is the perfect age to thoroughly enjoy it. His face was priceless when he got to open his gifts. He cracks me up. However, I will have to do a better job disguising presents next year. Elias actually guessed what one of his presents was while it was still wrapped which I thought was a little scary because he’s not even two years old yet. Thankfully Owen didn’t guess any of his. Instead he celebrated his first Christmas by napping most of the day. December was awesome!

I am excited about January and the new year. Especially here on the blog because Mark wrote a series of posts on family worship. Check in on Mondays for some great tips.

December Favorites: 1. Fun Stuff Fridays. (Jewelry Box D.I.Y./ Justin Taylor blog post). 2. Before and After (pregnancy). 3. A Christmas Tradition. 4. The Contraction That Tried To Kill Me (Owen’s Birth Story). 5. December Sweet Treats. 6. Fun Stuff Fridays. (Hair style ideas) 7. Trusting God In Times Of Pain. (Matt Hammit’s testimony). 8. The Season Of Advent. (Ideas to do with your family) 9. Family Night Ideas. (Handsome/Fancy Night). 10.What Is Your Favorite Christmas Song? 11. Fun Stuff Fridays. (Fun video). 12. Finding Jesus In Our Traditions. 13. Christmas Storage Ideas. 14. Fun Stuff Fridays. (Christmas Edition). 15. Merry Christmas. 16. If Only I Had Sherlock Holmes Mind. 17. 5 Resolutions Every Parent Should Make. 18. Owen Is One Month Old.


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