Already Behind On Your New Year’s Resolution?

Are you already behind on your new year’s resolution? Only a few days into January, and you are already on the slippery slope to last year’s you. Like many of us you may be asking, why am I sleeping in when I said I’d be working  out? Or why am I downing this bag of chips on the couch when I promised myself I’d eat healthier this year? Alas, why am on day one of my Bible reading plan when I should be one day 5? If you are struggling, here are a few tips for keeping your goals.

1.  Set measurable goals.

Make a plan. Half of the battle is figuring out how you are going to accomplish your goal. If I have a vague goal like, I want to work out more; I will have a hard time keeping that resolution. I need to be more specific. I should say something like, I want to run at 7a.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With a specific plan I will be more likely to accomplish what I desire.

As you are making your plan or readjusting your plan, make sure it is realistic. Think long term here, don’t try to be superhuman. That will only last the first few weeks of January if that.

2.  Document your progress.

A great way to stay motivated is to see what you are accomplishing. Say my goal is to cook a new meal once a week. If I take a picture of each meal I have made, I will see my progress and I will be encouraged to continue on. Some great ways to keep track of progress are pictures, checking things off of a list, journaling, marking off days on the calendar, etc…

3. Reward Yourself.

Everybody loves a little reward, so when you’ve met one of your goals reward yourself. If you’ve been diligent for three months reward yourself. Go out to dinner with friends, or pick something out at the store. It doesn’t have to be big, just enough to keep yourself encouraged.


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