2011: Year In Review

2011 was a great year! To recap the year I’ve decided to share a photo and a highlight from each month. You can read my  2010 recap too. This year was full of celebrations, fun changes, and Jesus was faithful as always.

January: Mark and I celebrated our third year of marriage. Mark continued taking seminary classes and Elias was so little. I loved dressing him up in his little bear costume and taking him on walks.

February: Elias and I both celebrated birthdays. Elias changed so much in one year. We had a big party to celebrate his first year of life, and Mark wrote him the sweetest letter for his birthday. I turned twenty-four.

March: I found out I was pregnant with Owen. Here is a picture of Elias and I being excited about that.

April: We had a hail storm hit our house. All of the repairs totalled over $40,000 worth of damage. Let’s just say we are thankful for insurance. This is what the boys were doing right before the storm hit.

May: We went on a little vacation in the mountains. We loved relaxing in a cabin.

June: We found out that Owen was a boy.

July: Mark quit his job as a server. And all I can remember is that I chopped my hair off because I was so hot.

August: We celebrated Mark’s 26th birthday, and he started teaching at a Classical Christian school. Thankfully Elias stayed home with me and didn’t have to go to school.

September: I was getting to be “BIG” pregnant. I felt like a giant moose.

October: We enjoyed a lot of time as a family. We enjoyed getting a fire pit, and we went to places like the zoo, the park a lot. And we had extended family over quite a bit. Elias also got this bear hat which he was obsessed with.

November: Owen Miles was born on the 15th. Also my first nephew David Thomas was born just ten days before Owen. And just eleven short days after Owen was born, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my dear friend Chelsea’s wedding.

December: We celebrated Christmas with both sides of the family and got used to being a family of four. We enjoyed Mark’s two weeks off from work by spending time with friends and going to Dollywood.


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