At Least I Didn’t Break Into The Ugly Cry!

I did it again! I told myself I wasn’t going to, but I just couldn’t help it. I was too overcome with emotion. You’d think after taking Elias to his two month appointment, I’d be prepared to hold it together, but oh no, not me. When the nurse walked in with the tray of shots, I could have started bawling. I hate seeing my babies in pain. Alas, when Owen cried so did I.

My only saving grace was that I didn’t break into the ugly cry -you know the kind of cry that scares people. The one that makes your face turn fire engine red and makes people want to bring you a brown paper bag to breathe in. It’s that cry that makes your mascara smear all over your face. And with all of those mascara scribbles, it looks like a toddler was set free with a sharpie.

I am just thankful I didn’t end up doing the ugly cry because I know I would have sounded like a walrus while trying to catch my breath. As I would be gasping for air, my nose would suddenly turn into a facet and of course there is no off button. And of course there would be no box of tissues in the building.

Now that I think about it, my little mist wasn’t that bad.

Since Owen is two months old, and we both survived his doctor’s appointment I’ve decided to give you a little update on him. He is growing up so fast. He weighs almost fourteen pounds. I am still squeezing him into size one diapers, but with all of his little rolls, I think he needs to graduate up to a size two.

This month Owen has become very social. He loves face-time. When I talk to him or sing to him, he is one big smile. Owen loves his momma, but he really loves his big brother. Elias is the coolest in Owen’s book. It is like Owen wants to get up and play with Elias. It is precious. Elias likes this and is continually entertaining Owen and kissing him on the top of the head. How sweet it is when brothers live together in harmony. I am praying this continues throughout their lives.

As far as sleep is concerned, Owen is a champion. He sleeps around seven or eight hour stretches at night and takes about five or six naps a day. He loves to sleep, but he also loves to eat. He eats every three hours during the day.

I am currently obsessed with dressing Owen in little cartagins. I think they are adorable on him! My sister-in-law got him this one. Thanks Alli!

Owen has dark eyes and I can’t tell if they are going to turn brown or blue. His hair is also pretty dark but seems to be lightening up a little. How can I not love this little face?


6 thoughts on “At Least I Didn’t Break Into The Ugly Cry!

  1. I am not one to cry. But, if I ever do, it is almost always the ugly cry. There is nothing worse, and you described it perfectly.

    What a precious little man you have!

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