Does Your Baby Do This?

(Original Source Unknown)

This picture is so funny. I can totally picture a baby doing this.  Because I am terrified of my babies trying to make “snow angels” in my bed, I don’t let them sleep with me. Also I might be scarred for life if I woke up to “stalker baby.” Do you let your baby sleep with you? If so has he/she been in any of these positions?

13 thoughts on “Does Your Baby Do This?

  1. Luckily he understands the command “move” although sometimes when we say that, he just gets up, does a circle and lays back down exactly where he was!

  2. All my kids did all these at some point! I definitely found it worthwhile not to have to get up to nurse them during the first year, though. And probably they spent a lot of time with us in the second year, too . . . They had their own beds from the beginning, and that’s where they started out each night, but it never lasted. And there were all the cuddle-baby times we would have missed!

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  4. Stalker baby is my favorite. That made me laugh so hard. I’m still laughing a little bit. Oh I can’t even imagine the things Ezra would do if we let him sleep with us. So glad he loves his bed.

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