January Favorites

January was so fun! We had our first ever blog series on Pencilled Daydream. I love how Mark contributed and taught us so much on family worship. He’ll have to write more for us in the future. I also had a lot of fun writing a silly version of Our Love Story. I am excited about a lot of posts I have for February and am looking forward to this month because Elias and I both have birthdays. Stay tuned…

January Favorites:

1. A Look At Our Christmas 2. Family Worship Part 1. 3. Date Night 101:Anniversary Edition. 4. Already Behind On Your New Year’s Resolution. 5. Fun Stuff Fridays…(Little Church Post) 6. 2011 Year In Review. 7. Family Worship Part 2. 8. Love Where Live. 9. Fun Stuff Fridays… (James Study). 10. The Prayer Of George Muller. 11. Just Because. 12. Family Worship Part 3. 13. Caramel Apple Spice Recipe. 14. Fun Stuff Fridays… (Hot Chocolate Spoons Recipe). 15. My Favorite Men. 16. Family Worship Part 4. 17. A Mountain Of Dishes. 18. At Least I Didn’t Break Into The Ugly Cry. 19. Fun Stuff Fridays…(Photo Challenge). 20. Pilgrim’s Progress Book Review. 21. Persevere…No Maternity Leave For Me. 22. Does Your Baby Do This?


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