Happy Birthday Elias!

It seems like just yesterday a little baby boy was placed in my arms, and I was left staring in amazement. I couldn’t believe he was real. I still have him pictured like this in my head.

I am so thankful for my firstborn Elias and that Jesus allowed him to enter the world on February 6, 2010. I will never forget that day because I discovered a love I never knew existed. On that day my baby boy thouroughly captured my heart. Even thought he only weighed 7lbs. 11oz. he completely stole my heart.

My sweet Elias,

Today you turn two years old! I can hardly believe that. You have grown up to be such a fun and sweet toddler. I can’t wait to come and get you in the morning because you always make me smile. I want to laugh everyday when the first thing out of your mouth in the morning is “a fooz” (shoes). You really love to wear your shoes and sometimes even insist on wearing them over your jammies. You are such a character and I think you are hilarious!

I love that you want to take bubble baths all the time. You took two just yesterday! I think you’d live in the bathtub if I’d let you. You are a little water bug. The other day you had your sunglasses on in your bubble bath and were making mommy laugh so hard.

I also love your latest dance. Your side step bounce in a circle always makes me giggle, and I could watch you do that for hours. You love music and are always asking for a song which you call “ong.” I think we should give you music lessons because you love it so much.

You are very funny, but you also have a sensitive soul. I love how you are constantly asking us if we are alright if we cough or sneeze. You extend your hand and say “right?” You are so sweet. The other day you were so sweet that I literally almost melted. You came over and said, “kiss momma” and then gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek. I will probably treasure that forever.

You care deeply about others, especially your little brother. You are always concerned when he cries and you love to kiss him on the head. You are also very protective of him. You make sure that I don’t leave him anywhere. The other day you reminded me that I needed to pick him up and take him down stairs with us. You also remind me to pick up “O-nen” as you call him, when we are going to get in the car. I love your heart toward your brother. He is blessed to have you in his life.

You are a big boy Elias. You can already wear 3T shirts and have a size 7 /8 shoe. You are tall like your daddy. You weigh 28lbs. and love to eat snacks.  You love your bed and sleep almost twelve hours every night. You also take a great three hour nap every day. You love to wear hats, shoes, and sunglasses. Your favorite toys are Bob and Larry (off of Veggie Tales), trucks, balls, and Elmo.

You adore your daddy and always run to the door as soon as you hear him coming home from work. Often times I will catch you organizing your books just like daddy. And sometimes I’ll find you sitting on the couch being perfectly still just reading. You are so much like your daddy! He loves that. You are one loved little boy!

(Your First Birthday)

You are such a help, Elias. Without me even asking you will put things in the trash. You even help me put dishes away. I love your servant heart. I also love that you are very organized and love for things to be put back where they belong. I think you get that from me.

My prayer is that you would always keep your eyes on the Lord and that you would minister to others because of your great salvation. I pray that Jesus saves you while you are young and that you would grow in both wisdom and stature like Jesus did. Jesus has great plans for you little man. Mommy and Daddy both pray for you, and love you more than you will ever know. We are your biggest fans!!! We love you Elias Mark Baker. Happy Birthday!

Love, Mommy


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Elias!

  1. Your Nanny loves you Elias! I love your sweet kisses and hugs. I love when we rub noses and both scream as loud as we can. I love how you love football and kitties. You are such a smart boy that remembers so much! You have been such a joy to your Nanny and Papaw! We love you baby boy!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

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