Elias’ Birthday Recap

Last week we celebrated Elias’ second birthday! It was such a joy to celebrate his sweet life with both family and friends. He is growing up so fast, and I’m enjoying every minute I have with him. Here are a few pictures from each of his birthdays.

 Just Born                                         One Year Old                                     Two Years Old

As I was planning for Elias’ birthday, I decided to have a small party at our house with two other families. My mom, Grace, also gave him a family birthday party at her house. And Elias had a final birthday party at Mark’s parent’s house.

Elias loves Elmo! Even though he’s only seen two episodes of Elmo’s world, he loves the little monster. So we gave him an Elmo party.

My mom gave him such a fun party! He loved it. He enjoyed all of the attention, cupcakes, and gifts. Afterwards we stayed and watched the Superbowl. Elias enjoyed the game and kept screaming, “football!”

At another little party, Elias had a blast with his grandparents. Sara, my mother-in-law made amazing cupcakes, which Elias loved. He also enjoyed playing with his new soccer goal which they gave him.

Elias loved the party at our house too! He was literally screaming for joy when the doorbell rang and his friends walked in. He enjoyed eating pizza and running around with his buddies.


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