Family Night Ideas: A Night At The Movies

“Think of whatever you are doing as an adventure and watch your life change for the better”– Wilferd A. Peterson

Family night is an adventure. It is a chance to make wonderful memories with your kids and with your spouse. And it is as simple as being together. Anything you put into it will be bless your family, and your kids will love the time and attention. Besides you never know, these family nights might just turn into some of their favorite memories.

Family Night Idea:  Have A Movie Night!

This is incredibly simple, but if treat it like an adventure and make it fun, your kids will love it. Turn your living room into a theater. Break out the popcorn. Make a fun drink. Have some candy. Staying home will save you money, and give you a great opportunity to be with the ones you love.

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Movie Night Tips:

Choose A Movie: You can pick a movie for your family, or you can have the kids take turns picking the movie on different nights. You could also consider doing a themed night. For example you could dedicate a night to dramas, and another night to comedies. Or maybe watch holiday specific movies depending on what month it is.

Choose A Theme: As you are chosing your movie, you might consider chosing a theme. I love Jane Boursaw’s  idea. She suggests that if you are watching a movie like Finding Nemo, use gold-fish or gummy sharks as your movie snack. Or if you are watching something like Jungle Book, use animal crackers, peanuts, or make fruit kabobs. I also think if would be fun if you are watching Cars to make it a drive-in movie. Have the kids build a car out of a box or simply come in one of their riding toys.

Choose A Movie Time: Set a time for your movie. This makes your movie night feel more official.

Get Rid Of Distractions: Make sure you turn off your cell phones as if you were at a real theater. Try to put all your work away. And make sure the house is clean so you aren’t distracted by the mess.

Get Creative: (Get everyone involved)

  • Have the kids make movie tickets or print some here. Make a “box office” (you can use a cardboard box and decorate it like a real box office).
  • Make a concessions stand- Have each child buy (with play money) a bag of popcorn, a box of candy, a fun snack, or a drink.Try to use boxed candy because it makes it feel more legit. Also give individually served popcorn. You can use brown paper bag or fun striped containers from Target that are meant for popcorn.
  • Let the kids play. Let them usher people to their seats. Give them flashlights to use as they usher each other to their seats.

Create The Enviroment– Turn off the lights in the living room so that it is dark like a theater. Pull in bean bags, fun chairs, and blankets.

Schedule an Intermission– If you have small children schedule a time to pause the movie. Take a potty break, and let everyone go back to the concession stand.

Enjoy your movie night!!!

*many of these tips were taken and adapted from here.


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