My Favorite Two Year Old

Now that I have a big two-year old, I can ask Elias to say “cheese” while I’m taking his picture. This is the face I get.

Since Elias turned two a few weeks ago, I had to take him to the doctor for his two-year check up. My sister, Dani, came to help man troops. And boy was I thankful for her.

Elias loved sitting on Dani’s lap in the waiting room. He calls her “auntie” now. It is so cute.

After a little wait, we were taken back to see the doctor. The torture began. Poor Elias encountered a needle the size of Canada. If my eyes weren’t fooling me I’d say they stabbed him to the bone. I would have cried my eyes out if someone stabbed my leg like that.

This called for a fun surprise. A sucker made a quick appearance. This made everything a little bit better.

Dani helped Owen fall asleep in his seat. Isn’t she a great auntie?

While Owen napped peacefully in his seat, Elias drove a few of his cars on an invisible road- otherwise known as Dani’s leg. I am thankful that the visit to the doctor went so smoothly.


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Two Year Old

  1. ahhh! why are there are so many icky pictures of me! Thankfully no one is looking at me, but only at your BIG two year old boy!! P.s. I miss you guys! It has been too long since I’ve seen you! (I got completely moved out of my apartment this morning…woo hoo!)

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