February Favorites

February is one of my favorite months. This year it was great. We celebrated two birthdays in our family, one of which shot us straight into the wonderful world of two-year olds. We not only celebrated birthdays, but Valentine’s Day as well. We had an awesome candle light dinner and a fun family movie night. I love celebrations!

In other news, I finally joined Pinterest and Twitter. For months I have tried to avoid them due to my addictive personality, but alas I succumbed to temptation. All in moderation right! Follow me if you’d like to. I’d love to follow you too. Leave me a comment with your name so I can.

Follow Me on Pinterest

I have also updated my About Page and added a Meet The Family Page. Also I wanted to show you my new button. I’d love to swap buttons with you. Grab it from the sidebar if you’d like.

Before I share my favorite posts from February, I wanted to let you know that I have been sent several prayer requests this month. Be sure to check out the Prayer Request page before you leave.

We’ve already seen God answer a number of our prayers in this first month! He is amazing. Please join me in prayer, and partner with the people who still need Him to move. And if you have a request, please send me an email or leave a comment on the Prayer Requests Page. I love hearing from you.

Lastly, here are my favorite posts from this month:

1. Oh, The Things My Baby Says. 2.Happy Birthday Elias. 3. A Day In My Life. 4. Homemade Apple Pie. 5.Fun Stuff Fridays (Cake Pop 101). 6. Elias Grey’s Story. 7. Elias’ Birthday Recap. 8. So, You’re Having A Birthday Party. 9. Tuxedo Strawberries. 10. Happy Valentine’s Day (DIY). 11. Family Night Ideas: A Night At The Movies. 12. Fun Stuff Fridays. 13. It’s A Sick Day. 14. Practice, Practice, Practice (Parenting Tips). 15. Come Rain Or Shine (Cleaning Tips). 16. My Favorite Two Year Old. 17. 25 Before 26. 18. Finger Painting Without The Mess. 19. 3 Months Old. 20. Totally Nerding Out.


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