I’d Rather Hug A Cactus…

I’ve decided that I would rather hug a cactus than go to the DMV. Alas! An expired driver’s license was my twenty-fifth birthday present. Thus I was summoned.

My plan was simple. Get in and get out.

As I pulled into the county clerk’s office, I breathed a sigh of relief that I made it. I hadn’t wrecked on the way. I hadn’t been pulled over and hauled off to jail for driving with an expired license. I made it. I was safe.

It was eight a.m. when I got out of the car. I slid the side van door open and prepared the troops. “Elias, I need you to hold my hand in the parking lot….Yes, you can bring your snack…no let’s leave your giraffe in the car.” “Owen, you can’t move so you’re good. Just don’t cry hysterically anytime in the next thirty minutes.”

I looped my arm underneath a ridiculously heavy diaper bag, as I helped Elias step out of the car. Grabbing Owen in his car seat, we began our long trudge across the parking lot. Even though I was hobbling with a car seat, diaper bag, important papers, and a toddler, I was ready to run ahead of anyone I saw coming and fight to be in the front of the line because who wants to wait three hours with two small kids? Thankfully I didn’t have to elbow anyone because as it turned out I was the only one there! I nearly burst into the Hallelujah chorus right then and there, but they were already asking me for important papers so I kept my song in my heart.

After all of the boring paperwork was done, the lady invited me to sit on a thin chair so she could take my picture. I willingly complied and plopped myself into the seat. With her prompting, I let a cheesy full teethed smile dance across my face for the picture. I’m sure it was a cute smile, unfortunately it was not captured. I thought the picture was over and was getting up when the camera went off. The flash blinded me and nearly sent me back into the seat. I must report that my eyes were drooping, my smile had vanished, my triple chin had emerged, and I was horrified.

My driver’s license picture that I will have for the next FIVE years is probably the worst picture in the free world! I stared at it on the way home snickering to myself because it was so bad. It wasn’t just a mug shot. It was worse. I would put the picture on here, but I’m afraid I am too embarrassed. Therefore I will end this little post with a few cute pictures of my boys.

Aren’t they precious just staring at each other?

Elias is in love with this Mickey Mouse hat that my parents got him at Disney World.

Owen is equally in love his the baby giraffe they bought for him. He has been showing him love by biting him and giving big hugs.

p.s. I’ve been entered into the circle of Mom’s top 25 funny moms for 2012. If you’d like to vote for Pencilled Daydream you can click the icon below and scroll down until you see Owen’s picture. You can vote once a day and no registration is required. The contest ends March 21st. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “I’d Rather Hug A Cactus…

  1. No! Please, please, PLEASE put the picture up. I promise I’ll send you mine – it’s not a bad picture, but unfortunately I look twelve, so I get alot of disapproving looks when I’m trying to buy wine at the grocery!

    • LOL…I wouldn’t mind looking twelve if I had a smile on my face. but oh no… my picture needs to be burned or buried under the pyramids so no one can ever see it.

    • Click on the button/icon. Once on their site, scroll down until you see Owen’s picture, PencilledDaydream, or my name. (last i checked it was number 56) On the right of that should be a little yellow thumbs up vote button. Click on that to vote. you can do that once a day 🙂 THANK you so much for voting!

  2. haha I HATE going to the DMV too! BUT OH MY GOODNESS! I have never heard of getting right in! That is amazing! God was definitely looking out for you! haha I want to see your picture too 🙂

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