Today, I wanted to revisit this post because of Kelly’s blog. Part of being a wife of someone in ministry is the adventure of staying home alone while they go away for a week to take a seminary class.

p.s. I’ve been entered into the circle of Mom’s top 25 funny moms for 2012. If you’d like to vote for Pencilled Daydream you can click the icon below. Once on their site, scroll down until you see Owen’s picture, and then click the thumbs up button to vote. You can vote once a day and no registration is required. The contest ends in 11 days.

Thanks to everyone who has already voted! That totally makes my day.

Pencilled Daydream

“No pillow talk for a week!” This is the first thought that crosses my mind when Mark tells me about a class he has to take at Southern Seminary. To clarify “pillow talk” is the long conversation couples have once they are in bed for the night. As Mark proceeds to tell me his plan, I instantly begin to picture myself alone in bed, talking to a mound of blankets that I shaped to look like his body. As my imagination gives way to reality, a few days later I find myself all alone getting ready for bed.

I turn off all the lights and jump in bed. With nobody to talk to my mind begins to wander. As I lay in the dark, I am not like a normal person who would just go to bed. No, I begin to think, “Oh, I’ll probably have nachos for lunch tomorrow.”…

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  1. Hi I just jumped over from Kelly’s link up. I love your blog, so fun! I read tou about me I am from TN, I now live in Venice beach California where my husband is a church planter. I could not believe it when I read you have a glory baby. My sixth child Jonathan was stillborn 1-24-12. I started blogging to cope with my emotions and connect with other baby loss moms. Ministry can be lonely ministry and grief can be agony. It is a lonely road I am so happy to read about other mom’s that have walked this path and have come out for the better! I will definitely jump over and vote for you…the fact that you are a BLM and are entered speaks volumes.
    . I read tragedy to triumph do you have more on grief? Thanks for sharing, you have blessed this hurting mommy’s heart.

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