Guess Who Is 4 Months Old?

Today this little man turns 4 months old. I absolutely love this age. He is doing so many fun things like cooing, rolling over, and big news– he found his feet.

I could literally stare at that little face for hours! Owen is precious. This month I have discovered that Owen is a very content baby. He will play is his little saucer or in his chair until I am bored and want to play with him. I keep looking at him thinking “Hey, don’t you need your mother…I’m over here.” And he is just smiling and trying to grab a new toy.

Owen is still sleeping through the night and has been moved up to a crib. He is now in his own room. At first he didn’t like the crib, but after a few naps in there he likes it.

Owen is still a little chunk and eats every three hours. He is 16lbs. 10 oz. This month Owen has become very talkative. He will sit a coo to himself and to anyone nearby. He was with me at the end of church on sunday, and he was literally singing with everyone. The louder the congregation got, the louder he got. I wanted to fall to pieces laughing because it was so cute.

On a completely different note, Owen has caught his first football. Elias decided he would throw Owen the football from across the living room and to my surprise Owen caught it. This is how I found him. Because he didn’t die from being pegged with a football, I decided to take a picture of his first catch.



p.s. I’ve been entered into the circle of Mom’s top 25 funny moms for 2012. Would you please vote for Pencilled Daydream. Click the icon below. Once on their site, scroll down until you see Owen’s picture, and then click the thumbs up button to vote. You can vote once a day and no registration is required. The contest ends in 6 days. Thank you for voting!!!

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