Framed Letters DIY

Oftentimes it looks like a grenade went off in the middle of Owen’s nursery floor. Baby clothes somehow manage to explode on a weekly basis- most of which he doesn’t even fit in anymore. I am usually left cramming baby clothes into an overstuffed drawer when I contemplate throwing them all out the window in hopes that I will never have to see them again.  All that to say, I usually don’t have a lot of time to think about decorating the nursery. But today the unthinkable happened, I had extra energy to gear towards putting Owen’s cute little letters on the wall.

I found this idea on Pinterest and found it to be really easy to do. It was as simple as buying wooden letters and an open frame at Hobby Lobby and then painting them.

After everything was painted, I hung it on Owen’s baby blue wall. I like how it turned out!

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22 thoughts on “Framed Letters DIY

      • 6 months. I’m curious to see how these baby names rank when the lists for the most popular baby names in 2011 come out! Why did you pick Owen? We’re big Grey’s Anatomy fans and after much deliberation got NOWHERE. Then one night watching the show, I said, hey Avery’s a nice name. Husband gave the manly grunt of approval, and so it became Avery. Owen is a character on the show too and I wanted that name more but my hubby didn’t care for it…

      • I used to babysit a sweet baby named Owen…now that I think about it that may be where I first heard of the name. We weren’t planning on naming him that, but when we saw him at the hospital we both said, “he looks like an Owen.” And that was his name. We love it!

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  2. Got a ?… How didn’t get the letters to stick together?.. Did u glue them or did u nail them to the wall along w the frame?.. Thanks!

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