Petite Box

This week I received a fun “mommy” package in the mail from Petite Box. I almost jumped for joy when I saw a package that actually had my name on it. It was so much fun because it was like getting a Christmas present.

The little box was wrapped so beautifully.

The box was full of fun baby products, and mommy tips.

One of our favorite surprises from Petite Box was this little blanket from Angel Dear.

Owen was in love!

Some of my other favorite products were:

Bubble Bath! Elias would live in a bubble bath if I would let him. No joke my boy is a water bug.

I also loved these baby silk wipes. I can always uses little cleansing towels in my diaper bag.

If you are interested in Petite Box you can check out their site here. Petite Box is a new high-end mom and baby subscription service. “Each month a subscriber receives an elegant package with an array of premier products that have been lovingly curated by the Petite Box team.”

Thank you Petite Box! We loved our little package.


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