Unplanned Key Change

Why does this always happen to me? I should know better.

It starts when I am in my car and I begin to brag to myself about how I know the words to the song on the radio. Before I know it I am humming along. And then I find myself quietly singing. Soon I begin to obsessively belt out the melody while simultaneously trying to sing the harmony. Is that even possible?

Rapidly my voice invades the whole car. By then I am probably scaring my poor children who are sweetly sitting in the back seat, yet I proceed. When it gets to my favorite part of the song, I am so enthusiastic about the song that I pop up like a jack-in-the-box. Hands in the air, I make an unplanned key change all the while keeping my eyes to the sky. I let loose.

This leads me to my moment of horror. Why is it that when I am singing in the privacy of my own car, my phone decides to do a conference call with all of my contacts?

Have you every inadvertently called someone? Please tell me I am not alone.


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