Visiting Daddy At Work

This morning I found Elias standing at the garage door saying, “daddy…daddy…daddy!” He doesn’t normally stand at the back door and yelp for his father, so I told him that daddy was at work to which Elias responded “I want daddy.” Well that nearly broke my heart, so I decided it would be a good day to visit Mark at work.

We loaded up in the car. This made Elias very happy.

 Elias loved sitting on Mark’s lap during his lunch break.

Owen loved seeing his daddy too.

After a quick lunch, Elias, Owen and I went to recess with Mark’s class. Elias played soccer with the kids. It was so cute, all of the kids wanted Elias on their team.

Elias thought this was the coolest thing ever. He totally loves soccer.

Elias loved the game, but he also enjoyed all of the high-fives and attention the big kids gave him. I love how they are in uniforms and he has a Mickey Mouse hat on!

It was so fun to see Mark in the middle of the day. Maybe we should make this a new weekly tradition.


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