My New Best Friend

Where has this sling been my whole life? Owen and I are in love with it. He is at the perfect age to be carried around and really enjoy it. Owen is a very cuddly baby so this is perfect for him. It is our new best friend.

Yesterday I went to a local consignment sale called Duck Duck Goose and found some little treasures like this sling.

Elias picked out this little train. He was so excited about it that he took it to bed with him. I love seeing him that excited.

While we were at Duck Duck Goose, we stopped for lunch. With Owen on my hip, wailing because he was starving, I ordered Elias a little Chick.Fil.A kids meal. My grand plan was that we would all eat at the same time. I picked out chicken nuggets, and a drink, and some chips for Elias. Placing the food in front of me the worker told me the cost. Fishing through my diaper bag, I reached for my debit card, when the lady looked at me said, “We only take cash.” I stared at her with a dumb expression on my face.

I didn’t have cash.

Owen’s cries were getting louder with every moment that passed. I’m sure my face was turning bright red as I continued to look through my wallet. Directing Elias to stand next to me, I looked at the woman and informed her that I didn’t have any cash and then apologized. With little expression she looked at me and said, “sorry.”

I turned to walk away when a woman behind me whipped out some cash and said, “I’ll get it. I want to buy him lunch.” I turned toward her completely shocked. I couldn’t believe that anyone would want to do that. I refused, but she insisted. She blessed Elias with a delicious lunch, and I was thankful for her random act of kindness.

Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness?


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