The Reading Date

The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more you learn, the more places you’ll go – Dr. Seuss

Date Night Idea #7: Read a good book together

Reading stretches both the imagination and mind. Books can excite, inform, and create different worlds and experiences. Stories can take me to faraway lands, or keep me on familiar soil. As black letters are penned onto a white page, we are given secrets of past generations. What a fun way to see what geniuses left for the future generations. What a privilege to gain knowledge through another’s mind.

Some of Mark and I’s favorite memories together have come from reading together. We have gone through books like Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, and Pilgrim’s Progress. We’ve also read some from C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series. And we’ve even tried our hand at Sherlock Holmes.

Grab a good book and read aloud to one another. Make your favorite hot drink and snuggle up on the couch. Reading together makes for a great date night.

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7 thoughts on “The Reading Date

  1. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time, and I loved this post. The majority of the dates my husband and I have gone on in the twelve years we have been together have been to bookstores. Strangly, we’ve never read a book together, and I’m thinking I should bring up the idea with him. It is so much better than watching a tv show together.

    By the way, I love the name of your blog.

    • Thank you for your sweet comment Mandy! That is so fun that you guys go to bookstores all the time…We do too! It is definitely one of my husband’s favorite things to do.

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