I Liked it. I Pinned it. I Did it.

Todays fun topic is Pinterest. Do you like Pinterest?

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I do. I think Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. Pinterest has helped me plan babyshowers, come up with crafts to do with the kids, and has even helped me decorate different rooms in my home. If I use Pinterest in the right way it can be a lot of fun.

I like being able to gather inspiration from other people and then try to do some of the things I see on there. Because of Pinterest, I’ve done or made things like:

I love the idea of doing the things we see on Pinterest so much that I wanted to share a guest post with you from Jenn. She blogs over at Passenger Seat Perspectives. Jenn has a fun feature on her blog about about actually doing the things you find inspiring on Pinterest. She also has created a great place to link up once you’ve done your projects.

Hi! I’m Jenn from Passenger Seat Perspectives. Here’s a recipe from my link-up called “Like It, Pin It, Do It!” First, a little background: I started this link-up because I am addicted to Pinterest (there! I said it!) and I realized that I could be wasting a whole lot of time if I’m just pinning great ideas and not actually accomplishing them. For this link-up, I just use the picture and link of the project/hairstyle/recipe/craft that inspired me, and I include my own pictures of what I did, with a short description of how I did it and how it turned out. I hope you enjoy this yummy recipe!



Have you ever had fresh-baked scones, from a coffee shop or wherever? If you haven’t, I cannot describe the warm, buttery, crumbly goodness that is a scone, so you may as well just go get one. I saw this recipe for cranberry-orange scones and wondered how hard it could be to recreate them. It turned out to be surprisingly easy! (I won’t post the whole recipe, but be sure to check out the link above to visit TastyKitchen.com.)

I was a little wary, because it said you had to use a pastry cutter to “cut in” the butter at one point (I don’t know about you, but my kitchen lacks those special crafty baker’s tools), but I ended up just using a whisk with strong wire and it worked out just as well. I also didn’t have a zester, so it took a while to get the orange zest, but I think it worked out okay.

Also, I didn’t set the timer right, so I don’t know how long they cooked. But they didn’t burn! These scones must be seriously foolproof.

The scones turned out delicious. They tasted light and buttery and the cranberry and orange were perfect! They were really crumbly fresh from the oven, but I don’t think my husband or I minded scooping up the crumbs to eat those too : ) We refrigerated them and ate them for breakfast – just as delicious!

I was a little light on the zest, but it turned out okay, especially with the delicious frosting (also foolproof) – just fresh-squeezed orange juice and confectioner’s sugar.

The final product was awesome! I loved this. You definitely need to try it!


If you find yourself completing Pinterest projects be sure to link up with Jenn’s blog so we can continue to share ideas.

One last thing I wanted to share with you. Here are two great blog post about Pinterest. Jessica Turner shares 10 Tips on using Pinterest well, and Todd VanDyke gives a humorous perspective on having another thing to do online.

Also feel free to leave me your Pinterest name so I can follow you. And if you aren’t on Pinterest and need an invitation email me on my contacts page. I would be happy to send you an invite.

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