My Mother’s Day Present

I am terrible about waiting to open my presents. Just ask my husband, if he gets me a present or if something comes in the mail, I want to open it right away.

But just imagine if I actually had to wait. Horror of Horrors! I’d probably look like the hypnotizing snake off of Robin Hood with colorful concentric circles spinning around in my eyes. I’d just sit there staring at my package day after day.

All of that to say a package came in the mail. It had my name on it. And, yes I opened it. Mother’s day is only two weeks away. That isn’t that bad… Right?

Look at what I scored! It is my new “real life” mommy diary. Mark is so thoughtful, and got me a journal that has our own personalized pictures on it. I love these pictures of my sweet boys.

The back cover has some fun questions that I got to answer.

Thanks Mark for the awesome Mother’s Day present! It is such a privilege to be your wife and to be the mommy of your boys.  And it makes me so happy to have a fun journal to record our adventures in. I can’t wait to start writing all of our fun stories.

If you are interested in making your own personalized journal, calendar, planner, cards, or books you can check out Paper Coterie. Also for the next five days The Mom Creative is giving away a free $25 credit to Paper Coterie if you subscribe to her blog. So be sure to take advantage of that!


4 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day Present

  1. Ha. I would totally do the same thing. Sam gets mad at my b/c I snoop for my presents 🙂 Have done that since I was little.

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