Little Man and Mr. Baby

Last Saturday this little man came to visit me. He is my precious little nephew named David Thomas!

All of my siblings came over to my house and we had a blast hanging out. Do we all have the same face? Ha!

As they were visiting it got me thinking about the last year we’ve had together. A lot has changed for all of us. For one, baby David and Owen were born in November. Here is a little bit of our journey.

My sweet sister-in-law Alli and I both found out we were pregnant in March and were due only three days apart. Every time we saw each other we took pictures together.  We loved showing off our baby bumps.

On November 5, Baby David was born. I was so thankful she had her baby first because I wanted to be able to come and visit the day of delivery. Ten days later on November 15, little Owen was born.

The twin cousins didn’t stay little very long!

For Easter we dressed them alike. My mom bought them matching overalls!

We love getting together and watching all of the little boys play.

Little Man and Mr. Baby

4 thoughts on “Little Man and Mr. Baby

  1. They are so cute. Those blue eyes are amazing. How fun that they are so close in age. Two of my best friends are cousins and they call themselves cousin-BFFs. It’s so fun. I hope David and Owen grow up the same way!

  2. How sweet that they were born so close and just too cute! I think they will be bff’s for life! Stopping by from the Wiegands and glad to have found your creative spot on the web:D Enjoy your weekend!

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