Plan Your Summer

I’m so excited about summer! I keep thinking about popsicles, playing in the pool, and enjoying the sun with my kiddos.

My parenting idea for today is: Plan Your Summer.

I don’t want to wait until everybody is home to start thinking about how we are going to spend our summer. I want to prepare for them now. I want to schedule fun things for them! I love how God has gone to prepare a place for us. And on a way smaller scale, I want to prepare for my boys. If you’d like to join me in looking ahead a little, I bet you’ll have a fun summer while accomplishing the goals that need to get done.

*Here is how I plan my summer:

1. First, I look at the big picture. In order to schedule our vacations, and bigger trips, I have to look at my summer as a whole. A few of our trips take up whole weeks, so we’ll want to get that on the calender first.

2. Next I schedule my celebrations. This could be holidays, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, fun family days, etc… It is important for me to plan our family day trips, visits to the zoo, advance to make sure they actually happen.

3. Then, I schedule my weekly activities. For instance church on sunday, friends come over every friday, etc…

4, Finally I look at each day. With Mark taking a few seminary classes, he needs to be able to get his reading done, the boys need a nap, and dinner always needs to be on the table. By looking at each day I make sure the little things get done.

By starting with the big picture, I make sure we have a few weeks marked out for vacation. Then by looking at each month, I ensure that we’ll be ready for our holidays and celebrations. Lastly by looking at each week and individual day, I make sure the necessary, work, fun, and activities are in place.

Enjoy your summer! Remember to take a few days off and get some rest. Enjoy your vacations, and time with family!



*How I schedule my summer was inspired by Heather’s article.

*Photo taken by Aimee Gilleran.

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