Swinging High

Elias has no fear. I took him to the park yesterday, and before I knew it he was at the top of the “BIG” kid slide. Since Elias is only two years old, I didn’t really think he’d go down it. As he sat at the top, I decided to snap a quick picture of him. Well by the time I pushed the button my son flew down the slide so fast that I nearly dropped the camera. As he neared the bottom he flew straight through a giant puddle.

Because of the slippery water he didn’t lose momentum at the end of the slide. He literally shot off the slide. Owen and I were staring at him with dumb expressions on our faces because we were so shocked. Poor Elias was laying on his back, soaking wet, unaware of what just hit him.

My new summer goal is to try to keep my children alive while visiting the park.   


4 thoughts on “Swinging High

  1. So cute! Did you see the study where more kids are injured when they ride down the slide with an adult vs. alone?
    I love how you do all these things with your kiddos. Can’t wait for Sofia to be old enough to take to the park…wait, I take that back, I dont want her to grow up too fast!

    • First of all, your daughter is Adorable! Love her hair : ) and second, I haven’t seen that study, but that is funny. It is a wonder any child survives…ha!

      p.s. When sofia is a little bigger you should totally join us at the park.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! That picture is hilarious! You have to put that in a frame somewhere. I love his facial expression. If only Ezra could get just a bit of that daredevil edge that Elias has. I love it. He must feel so protected by his mom that he thinks nothing could ever happen to him. I’m sure that he will be alive and well after many park visits this summer, but just to be safe I’ll be carrying the first aid kit with me in my diaper bag the next time we go. Haha!

    • Ha! You are probably half of the reason Elias keeps making it. Without you we would have no sunscreen. no toys. no lunch…You are so prepared and I’m off taking pictures of my kids nearly killing themselves.

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