Dear Mom,

I wanted to write you a little note to tell you some of the things I love about you. But first I must tell you that you are my hero. I didn’t  realize how crazy it was that I was born two days after due date until I had Owen. I was about to go crazy when he came on his due date. I can’t imagine going over. Thank you for given me those extra days. You are amazing!

I love that you took the time to stay at home with us when we were kids. And I can’t believe that you taught us at home for as long as you did. I will always remember reading with you in the mornings. I loved going through Proverbs and all the different series of books that we made it through.

I loved those days, but let’s not talk about math… David and I did eventually stop talking and got our work done. I guess you are the only who could understand how our poor college professor felt trying to teach all of the “Park kids” math. Thank you doesn’t say enough when it comes to teaching us.   

You taught us so many things. Some were from a book and some were with your life. I love that you have always loved dad so well! Thank you for always loving and serving our family. That is such an example to me as a wife and mother.

I love how sweet you are with your grandbabies. I will always remember when Mark called you and told you that I was in labor with Elias. By the time he hung up the phone you were walking through the door. I still lay and bed and try to figure out how you made it there that fast.  

I love that we cannot get together without laughing our heads off. You make me laugh like nobody else can! You are hilarious.

I love that you made us all wear Grinch shirts at Christmas time. And since we are talking about holidays this is your official warning that we will be going shopping on Black Friday at 4a.m. You really do love it every year. Don’t even think about sleeping in. Just start working out like the Target lady, because I will be picking you up. We’ll get Caramel Apple Spices or maybe White Mochas… or maybe both by the time we are done!

Thank you for loving Jesus and for serving Him. Thank you for  helping me set up my home. Only a mother would come and help peel off old nasty wallpaper. Thank you for babysitting all the time. Thank you for still answering all of my crazy questions. Next time I’ll google how to make french toast. Thank you for being the best mom anyone could ask for! I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.


3 thoughts on “Dear Mom,

  1. Your mum looks so young! Obviously your constant chatter during maths didn’t age her a bit!! She really is stunning 🙂


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