Mark and I love Southern Seminary. Mark is currently working towards his MDiv and has had a great experience there. He has taken a number of online classes, and on the occasional Saturday I have been caught listening to his lectures with him. I majored in Biblical Studies in college and can’t seem to help myself. I love learning about the Bible!

A neat opportunity came up through the school in July of 2010. A women’s devotional called A Walk Through Psalms was published in order to help fund more women’s scholarships at Southern Seminary. I had the privilege of contributing to the book. I had so much fun writing the devotion for Valentine’s Day.

I am so excited about how the Lord is using the book. It is encouraging readers and is allowing more women to study God’s word.

To date the devotional has raised $26,000 dollars for scholarships. Southern recently contacted me and the other contributors and asked if we would share about the book. So if you are looking for a yearlong devotional, check out Women at Southern: A Walk Through Psalms. It may be purchased from the LifeWay campus bookstore or by calling 502-897-4506. There are still a few red Women at Southern journals available ($15 value) that are given free (as long as they last) by sending or bringing the receipts to the women’s office, 502-897-4085 or women@sbts.edu.




*Second photo provided by Southern.



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