6 Months

Dear Owen,

You are six months old. I can’t believe it. I blinked. And you grew up. Literally you grew. You now weigh eighteen and a half pounds. And you are in the 95% for height. You eat every four hours and are eating solid foods like a champ. I love how big you are.

You also love to sleep. You still take at least four naps a day and then sleep all night! Thank you. This month you are getting your second bottom tooth. You have been such a trooper with teething.

You are such a happy baby. You love to smile and laugh, especially at daddy. You love him.

You are such a social baby. Right now you are very attached to me. You don’t like me to leave the room, or get out of your sight. You don’t mind playing by yourself but only if I’m not too far away. I think you’d love it if I actually carried you around all day.

You have been rolling over in your bed and that makes you really mad. Sometime you are so upset that you are on your stomach that you start doing push ups. I always want to come rescue you when you start doing that. I hate to see you cry. It breaks my heart into pieces. This is the kind of face you make in your bed.

Thankfully you are happy most of the time. Sitting up has made you very happy. You love sitting next to everyone and really enjoy being with people. I love that about you.

I feel like it was just yesterday that the doctor placed you, little Owen Miles in my arms.

 I am so thankful for you and pray that you will grow up to be a merciful warrior for Jesus. I pray that you would know the mercy of the Lord towards you and because of that you would lead people to know the mercy of Jesus. I love you son!



6 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. this was so so precious. i wish i would have thought to write letters to my kids as they were so small.. the time does go by so fast… i have a 3, 6 and 8 year old now…love your pics..and gosh girl you look fab after just having Owen! Man, i looked like a sumo wrestler…lol …i am visiting you from Monday Meet up =)

  2. Linking up from Caseyleigh’s blog. Sweet letter. They do grow so fast, don’t they! I have four, and my youngest is now 11 months. She is crawling and almost walking. And you wonder just where the time has gone. Enjoy your Owen! Every minute is precious!

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