I’m Going to DIE!

I’m secretly an adrenaline junky.  I’m one of those people who can ride a roller coaster until I am blue in the face and then I’ll go one more time.

On rides, I’m usually screaming my head off, and loving every minute of it. I also think it is truly hilarious to scream at all the wrong times. Like when we are pulling into the station to get off. People’s faces! Ha!

Yesterday we went to Dollywood as part of our family vacation. I decided to ride on a giant swing ride.

Big Mistake!

I was left clutching my seat as if my life depended on it. Terror is the only word that can describe my experience.  My hair beat wildly against my face as I was propelled in the air. My stomach dropped as I gasped for breath. As I was shot into the air, I began to fly.

Here was my thought process:

Oh this is fun. I’m swinging… Wee.

Ok this is a little high.

Wow. You can see the whole park from this angle.

Ok…this is a little too high.

Oh wow I’m almost upside down. …haha… I can FLY!!! 


 Insert high-pitched screams.

About that time I was silently repenting to the Lord for my foolishness and was promising Him I would never get on another ride as long as I lived if only He would keep me alive.

He was faithful as always! Here is a little picture that Mark captured.


7 thoughts on “I’m Going to DIE!

  1. So funny…I was never a huge fan of roller coasters. Only have been on a handful…and it has been a long time. I never did scream though…i think I was too busy holding on for dear life and trying not to throw up to scream. lol

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  3. Oh my goodness. Ha! This is great! We are VERY familiar with that thought process! Love it! We appreciate you linking up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” We love seeing all of the great recipes and fun ideas! Hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters

  4. Rode Wild Eagle yesterday and really enjoyed it! Rode in the very back on the right. Very smooth ride although it is bumpy(maybe vibration related?) in a couple places on the ride but nowhere near as bad as Thunderhead so don’t let that deter you. The view of the park while you’re on the ride is amazing! Adventure Mountain seems so smallwhen you’re up there. With a few more rides on WE this might become one of my top rides at the park, hard to decide with just one test run. I would not recommend doing parent swap on this ride. They make the second parent wait in line at the bottom of the stairs so after you wait 20 minutes for the first parent to come back then the first parent waits another 20 minutes for you to get done. If you have small kids bring them all the way up to the ride and have them wait on the exit platform instead. I did see an attendant allow this. Otherwise this is not a family friendly ride.

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