3 Ways To Overcome Writers Block

1. Keep a notebook close by: Write down ideas as they come. Fill your notebook with all of your ideas and sketches. Create a topics list. Write down blog post series ideas. Make a word list. Then when you need a topic for a post, you can go back and pull from your notebook.   

2. Take lots of pictures– Take your camera or phone with you everywhere. Take pictures of what you are doing. Snap a photo of something that is beautiful, that has color, that inspires you. Pictures are great for inspiring stories and posts.

3. Keep reading– A good writer will always be a good reader. Read good books. Read good blogs. Remember that what you read will inspire you. And know as you start to write that an easy read is always a hard write. Don’t be discouraged in that. Keep writing. Keep reading. Reading will add new words to your toolbox and give you new literary ways to communicate your point. Reading will help inspire new stories and posts.


5 thoughts on “3 Ways To Overcome Writers Block

  1. I can also suggest getting very very tired and going to bed late at night — because immediately upon your body relaxing, your mind will give all sorts of things to write about!

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