I’m No Cake-Boss!

Welcome to the second week of our Fun Stuff Friday Summer Home Tour. I love letting you peek into my home, because it inspires me to clean and organize my house one room at  a time. Last week you saw my Family Room and today I’m going to show you my kitchen- the room where I am supposed to cook. I’m no Cake-Boss, but my last name is Baker so there may be hope yet.  

 I love this room because it is so spacious! 

Just in case you are nosey like me, I thought I’d open my pantry doors. When I was thirty weeks pregnant and feeling like a giant moose, I containerized and organized my food. Six months later and it is still organized. I can’t help but laugh at myself when I get in there though. Who organizes their food?


I love our high table and cafe feeling eating area.  

I hope you enjoyed this little look at my kitchen!

COME BACK tomorrow, because I will be doing a giveaway! You could win “something” that goes in your kitchen.


6 thoughts on “I’m No Cake-Boss!

  1. I feel bad that I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have absolutely no desire to organize my food! Hehe! But, your organized food looks great! I do, however, feel like I’m about the size of a moose. 😉

    Your kitchen is adorable!! Love the red!

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