Life as a Wife

When I was first smitten with my husband, I was ready to jump on the back of his stallion and ride off into the sunset. I had no idea where ‘said’ stallion would take us, but I was ready with cheerful abandon. I recklessly let ‘single’ me go, and was ready to revel in the new mysteriously married me.  

This week our little stallion has led us to seminary. I’m really getting to experience life as a seminary wife. Although I have been a seminary wife for a few years–and Mark has been able to take a lot of classes where we live– there are a few times he has to go to Louisville to take classes. I am having so much fun getting to be with him. And I love getting to know the school a little better.

We love campus! They have an awesome buildings, pools, as well as open fields, walking paths, kid play areas, etc..   

Mark showed us around a little bit between classes. 

After a little tour, we ate lunch together outside.


I am so glad that we get to be together, and that I am getting to know a little more about Southern.

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10 thoughts on “Life as a Wife

  1. I love the picture of Elias following in Mark’s footsteps! Your boys have such a good daddy!! (Their momma is amazing as well!!!) Miss you guys!

  2. Beautiful photos my friend! That’s so special that your whole family got to experience that together, I’m sure that was special for your husband. My husband is graduating from a one year Bible school next week, I can’t imagine how long seminary would take! 🙂

    • He has a really nice teaching job now that he loves and will probably stick with. He teaches Bible and English. He really loves seminary because it sharpens him. He is also interested in teaching pastors in Romania with our church and this would allow him to be qualified.

  3. It sounds like you all are having such a great time! There is such a large part of me that just wants to be a mom when I read your blog 😉 I am sure it is fun to see where Mark has been taking classes from. And the boys look like they are having a blast!

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