Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Pencilled Daydream! I’d love to promote your blog or business!

Blog Stats: Currently Pencilled Daydream reaches 370 followers.

  • 163- Email and Twitter
  • 93-Facebook page (It’s newly added so come “like” us)
  • 114- Bloglovin, Google+, and Pinterest.
  • Blog posts also run through my other FB page which reaches 500+ people.

Also Pencilled Daydream was recently voted one of The Circle of Moms Top 25 Funny Mom Blogs for 2012.

Pencilled Daydream’s readership has an interest in motherhood, marriage, Christianity, personal style, DIYs, photography, food/recipes, and fun stories. Content includes all of the above as well as tidbits from my personal life. 

Traffic is directed to my blog through monthly features on various blogs and websites, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Bloglovin, and Twitter.

I am currently offering the following rates:

These ads will run for 1 month.

All Large ads have the opportunity to participate in the GROUP write-up, and can sign up for a (guest post, or solo giveaway). All giveaway products or shop credits must be valued at $10 or more to make it worth it to both you and the readers. Large ads will also have social media mentions.

All Medium ads have the opportunity to participate in a GROUP write-up. Medium ads will have social media mentions.

Additional Options: Non Sponsors may purchase a solo giveaway or featured write-up (no sidebar ad) for $5. I am also open to reviewing your products.

All payments are made through my Pay pal account.

Ads start the first of each month. If you have any further questions, or thoughts, feel free to email me here.

Thanks again! I look forward to a possible partnership with you. 



Prices for advertisement are subject to change as readership grows.

I reserve the right to advertise and host guest posts for blogs/shops/businesses that I sincerely stand behind and would support. I will not allow material that I deem as offensive, or that is not in line with the heart of my blog.


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