Come Home

Elias loves his daddy and cannot wait for him to get home each day. This is Elias looking out the window waiting for that fateful moment when Mark will walk through the door.

This is what it looks like when Mark comes in!


Life as a Wife

When I was first smitten with my husband, I was ready to jump on the back of his stallion and ride off into the sunset. I had no idea where ‘said’ stallion would take us, but I was ready with cheerful abandon. I recklessly let ‘single’ me go, and was ready to revel in the new mysteriously married me.  

This week our little stallion has led us to seminary. I’m really getting to experience life as a seminary wife. Although I have been a seminary wife for a few years–and Mark has been able to take a lot of classes where we live– there are a few times he has to go to Louisville to take classes. I am having so much fun getting to be with him. And I love getting to know the school a little better.

We love campus! They have an awesome buildings, pools, as well as open fields, walking paths, kid play areas, etc..   

Mark showed us around a little bit between classes. 

After a little tour, we ate lunch together outside.


I am so glad that we get to be together, and that I am getting to know a little more about Southern.

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5 Reasons To Rent A Cabin

As you may know, last week my little family loaded up and went to a cabin for our summer vacation. We enjoyed a lot of time talking and resting in the cabin and then went to Dollywood. Because we had so much fun today I want to share 5 reasons we chose to rent a cabin instead of a hotel. These benefits can be applied to beach house as well.

1. You can eat in. A great way to save money on your vacation is by eating in. Even though my energy sometimes runs out of the room when I have to make dinner eating out every day can get expensive. With a rental cabin/beach house you can stock up on groceries and use your own fridge, microwave, stove, and oven.

2. You can have multiple rooms. If you are a family with small kids you will need multiple rooms so that the kids can take their naps. A good nap equals a happy baby. A happy baby equals a fun vacation.

3. You can do laundry. Nobody wants to have a weeks worth of dirty clothes piling up. Having a washer and drying in your rental allows you to cut down on what you bring. You can do a mid-week wash if you need to.  

4. You have privacy. In a cabin or a fun beach house you have secluded entryways, balconies, hot tubs, etc. I loved this benefit with our cabin. We sat on our balcony and rocked each morning and night.

5. You have the luxuries of home. In a rental you can spread out in a living room, pop open the fridge to find a coke, do laundry, have your own private bathroom, and watch TV from your own bed. Having the comforts of home on vacation is a definite plus.

We loved our time at the cabin! I’m so glad we chose to rent a house instead of getting a hotel.

We were sad to go home, but I think that is a good sign that we had a lot of fun! Or maybe we were simply dreading unloading all of this stuff. Tell me… who really needs that much stuff???

Just Married

Last Saturday night Mark was honored to be in one of his best friend’s weddings. John and Mark have been friends since sixth grade! It was so fun to celebrate John and Jenn’s union. The sweet couple met on a hike and quickly fell in love. They were engaged for four months and had an amazing outdoor themed wedding.

We enjoyed much of the reception with our dear friends Natalie and Marshall.

Look at their amazing cakes! I love how the groom’s cake was inspired from how they met.

They were so fun! I thought you’d like to see the progression of the couple feeding each other cake.

Congrats John and Jenn! We are so happy for you guys.

Adventurous Afternoon with Crumpled Hippies

Secretly being laid-back hippies (people that can bop around for hours) it is a wonder we made it to Dollywood.  We were glad we did. We enjoyed train rides, splash pads, roller coasters, fun snacks, and little shows. Elias loved the rides and water, and Owen spent most of his day napping in the stroller. We had so much fun… until the moment I though I was going to die.


Up in the mountains, away from the busyness of our normal routine, Mark and I got some time to celebrate what the Lord has done in our four and a half years of marriage. God has been so faithful to shape us and mold us, and it is so right to celebrate what He has done in an intentional way.

As we sat and talked, we recounted miracles.

Only Jesus could refine our hearts the way He has over the past four years. Only Jesus could help us love one another well. Jesus is the only one who could create the two little lives He has blessed us with. Only Jesus could lead us to repentance and teach us to forgive one another. And Jesus is the only one who could provide the joy and laughter that we have shared together. God deserves glory! For He has done great things!     

I will remember the deeds of the LORD;

yes, I will remember your wonders of old.

I will ponder all your work,

and meditate on your mighty deeds.

Your way, O God, is holy.

What god is great like our God?

You are the God who works wonders;

you have made known your might among the peoples.

(Psalm 77:11-14 ESV)


I am so excited about getting to spend a few days with these guys on vacation. Last year I almost ruined our vacation, but that didn’t stop us from planning a similar vacation this year. We are going to stay in a cabin for a few nights. We really enjoy escaping from the norm. We love the woods, fresh air, walks, hot tubs, rocking chairs, coffee, movies, pancakes, and rest.


I love how the Lord brought Mark and I together at Bryan College. His timing was perfect for our hearts and the way He led us to marriage was amazing. Today I wrote a guest post about our love story and wedding over at Reserved Are The Depths Of My Heart. On her blog, Nichole, has a fun feature called Wedding Wednesdays. Check out my guest post Here!


Easter was so fun this year. We spent a lot of time with family during this break. My grandparents came in from Arizona and my brother and his family came from Chattanooga. Other extended family from town gathered together as well.

We spent most of Easter week visiting with family.

On Easter morning, we gave eachother Easter baskets. Mark and I still give eachother Easter Baskets…ha! I got a little outfit for Sunday, and he got a Genesis commentary.

Elias loved the little Bob and Larry he received in his basket. He told me there names were Bob Baker and Waddy (Larry) Baker.

After Easter baskets we got ready to go to church.

Once we were ready we headed to church.

Once church was over we had a fun potluck together outside.

After the potluck the kids did a little Easter egg hunt. Elias loved it!

I hope your Easter weekend was awesome!!