About The Dreamer

Welcome to Pencilled Daydream! My name is Ashley. I am a 25 year old mom who goes crazy for white mochas, peaceful walks, and fun conversations. I love reading and journaling but am prone to daydreaming.

I am living my dream by having a family and getting to write. I started Pencilled Daydream in July of 2010. This is a lifestyle blog that focuses on the ups and downs of mommy- hood, the Christian life, and my crazy imagination and daydreams. My blog is full of real and imagined stories, fun pictures, Bible study projects, and lots of interesting treasures that I’ve found.

I’m married to Mr. Mark Baker who is a fun-loving and very smart seminary student and teacher.If you’d like, you can read a silly version of Our Love Story. I am also the proud mom of a precious glory baby that we lost in October of 2008, a sweet toddler named Elias, and an adorable baby named Owen. Check out our Meet The Family Page to get to know them a little better.

  • The Christian Life– which is filled with encouragement, testimonies, book reviews, and Biblical truth.
  • Featured Daydream– which is packed with stories, things I like, daily life, and pictures.
  • Mommy Diaries– which is full of fun “mommy” facts, tips, ideas, and encouragement as well as exciting memories.
  • Bridal Introspection– which contains housewife skills, date night ideas, and recipes I’ve learned or come up with.

Weekly Features:

Monthly Features:

See a full list of features here.

It makes my day to chat with blog readers. I love all of your questions and comments. Here is how you can keep in touch.

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my read shelf:
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Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to look around and don’t forget to say hello before you leave. If you were at my house right now, I would pour you a cup of coffee and let you sit in my little reading nook.



6 thoughts on “About The Dreamer

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  2. Hi Leslie! Visiting from Kelly’s Korner and it’s so nice to “meet” you! I’m in Middle Tennessee (McMinnville) and love meeting other Southerners. You’ve got an adorable blog and beautiful family:)!

  3. Hi! I am visiting from Kelly’s Korner. I live in Kingston – right down the road from Knoxville. It’s alwyay’s nice to meet another Tennessee momma. I am so glad to have found your blog! Love it!

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